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The One Biology Lab Your Students Will Never Forget

Weird science straight from the owl's mouth! Barn Owl Pellets are a natural teaching tool. They are a fantastic example of the food chain, the principles of ecology, animal structure and function, skeletal anatomy, and natural history! From kindergarten to the collegiate level, owl pellets meet the National Standards, Content Standard C: Grade 5-8, Populations And Ecosystems.

The BEST Owl Pellets and BEST VALUE because:

Pellets Inc. has set the standard for the INDUSTRY. Our Large Owl Pellets are over 1 1/2" and may exceed 3 1/2". Our Small Owl Pellets are between 1" and 1/2". At Pellets Inc. we carefully select whole, firm Owl will not receive fragments. Each Owl Pellet has been heat sterilized and individually wrapped in foil. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We have been proudly providing the best quality and service for over 30 years.

Quality and Service Guaranteed!


At Pellets Inc., we take pride in providing the best barn owl pellets and the most complete line of support products available in the world.


All orders are shipped the next business day following receipt of your order. 


Because we collect, heat sterilize, sort, wrap, and ship every pellet we sell, we guarantee the highest quality and service.

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