Customer Review: Large Owl Pellets for Classroom Use

Customer Review: Large Owl Pellets for Classroom Use

A long-time Pellets, Inc. customer sent us this lovely letter about how she used large owl pellets in her Colorado classroom each year. We are glad to hear how involved and excited the kids were for this hands-on natural science experience. Like many teachers, Barbara had to reach into her own pockets due to lack of school funding for science, but she found a way to make it work by having teams of two students dissect each pellet. Thank you for the beautiful letter and the inspiring pictures, Barbara!

Dear Friends,

The box from you arrived today. I don't think I have ever seen such huge pellets. These must be the largest of the large!! And you sent me also a beautiful owl mobile which my granddaughter will LOVE. So many thanks to you. 

Not only did I present owl pellets for 20 years to public school students (12 years in an inner city school), after getting my doctorate degree in education I taught pre-service teachers — and each semester about 100 heard my extreme enthusiasm about dissecting pellets. They loved it too! 

For my first years with pellets the school could not afford to buy them, so I did — with every two kids sharing a pellet. When those displays were done, the children were so proud, they shared them. Each kid had the pellet display for 3 months in their home. Then the other kid had it for 3 months. I am attaching some photos of the Owl Pellet unit as it played in my classrooms and with my college students. In one photo you can see parents admiring our displays. When I retired 17 years ago I gave the great support materials from Pellets, Inc. to my pre service teachers. I had laminated them, and I’ll bet they are still in use today!

Again, my sincere thanks to you!

Barbara Wagamon
Westminster, CO

 students doing owl pellet dissection project showing dissection paper

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