STEM Team-Building Activities: Pellets Go to Work

STEM Team-Building Activities: Pellets Go to Work

While the majority of our owl pellets make their way to schools of all kinds, we like to think that our owl pellets have uses that go beyond a classroom setting. After all, dissecting owl pellets and discovering the natural wonders that lie within is an activity that transcends the schoolroom. Our pellet kits come with easy-to-understand instructions, are highly portable and require no specialized knowledge, tools or expertise to be fun and interesting. As such, we think they're an excellent fit for any occasion that calls for or would benefit from hands-on team-building activities.

Turns out, we're not the only ones to share that viewpoint. A small company reached out to us recently about acquiring pellets for a corporate retreat. We were only to happy to set them up with enough pellet kits to go around and told them we were eager to hear how their somewhat unorthodox approach to team-building turned out.

It's a Pellet Party: Team-Building Science Activities

If they were planning their retreat for an urban locale, it's highly likely owl pellets might not have entered the picture. However, they'd booked their corporate getaway at a group of cabins near a lake deep in the woods. With mountains nearby, the lake within view and forest all around, the natural backdrop was stunning. But for all the scenic benefits the retreat location had to offer, it was a bit shy on the kind of amenities we've come to associate with our plugged-in world. Obviously planned activities would be needed, and team-building science activities that were both fun and a good fit for the natural surroundings were just the ticket. 

Hands-On Team-Building Activities at Summer Camp for Adults

Shortly after they arrived, more than one member of the team remarked that the retreat spot made it seem very much like they were attending summer camp for adults. And the attendees fully embraced that concept, soaking up sun, eating brown-bag lunches, hiking to a nearby stream and playing catch in the grassy expanse in front of their cabin. As the day wound down, but before night fell and the s'mores supplies made an appearance, it proved to be the perfect interval to spend on team-building science experiments. 

In other words, it was time to break out the owl pellets. 

Even though a few of the retreat-goers either had not dissected owl pellets in school or didn't remember that particular lab experiment, they all took to the task with great eagerness (save for one person who was content to watch). The pellets were unwrapped, the instructions read aloud and the bone sorting charts laid out where everyone could access them and contribute their finds. Laughter about spending their work retreat doing STEM team-building activities for adults gave way to animated chatter and exclamations of excitement as they identified and compared their finds. 

As darkness fell, which should've curtailed the team-building science activities for the night, flashlights appeared and the dissection efforts continued. Only when the final person had extracted every last bit of bone from their pellet did they sunset the team-building science experiments for the remainder of the trip. However, they gathered up the bones, charts and undissected pellets with great care in order to give them another life as an educational opportunity for a local homeschool co-op. What began as STEM activities for team-building at a corporate retreat in the woods would return to the standard classroom environment where what was left of the pellet kits would be put to their traditional use. It's an atypical life cycle for our pellet kits, but one we wholeheartedly endorse. 

We'd love to supply you with pellet kits for hands-on team-building activities for your team. Reach out to learn more about team-building science experiments today.


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