About Us

Pellets, Inc. was founded in 1980 by my wife Kim and I. My name is Bret and some of you may recognize me from our video "Barn Owls and their Pellets." With our acquisition of Creative Dimensions owl pellet business in 1991 from Dr. Irwin Slesnick, the true founder and inventor of the owl pellet business, we became the largest owl pellet supplier in the world. (See Wall Street Journal Wednesday 16 December, 1992.) We consider ourselves the original, and the best supplier of owl pellets and their support products in the world.

Kim, the reason we really have a business at all, was a business and economics major in college, where we met and fell in love. She really runs the whole show. If you call, you will probably talk to her and your order will be handled quickly and efficiently.

I have had a virtual lifelong interest in birds of prey and have devoted my life to their study and preservation. I have worked for both our state (Washington State Fish and Wildlife) and our federal government (U.S. Forest Service) in organized studies of Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Goshawks, and Peregrine Falcons. I have also worked for private consulting firms, raptor censusing on a natural gas pipeline as well as conducting 3 different peregrine falcon hack sites back in the early days of the reintroduction programs--exciting memories for me these days as U.S. Fish and Wildlife service has taken the peregrine from it’s endangered species status.

I came within a semester of adding a teaching certificate to my biology degree and served as an educational director of our local Audubon Chapter for 3 years. In 1979, I began collecting owl pellets and in 1982 began enhancing barn owl nesting opportunities with barn owl nest boxes in structures lacking suitable sites. To date, between our pellet collectors and myself, over 1000 nest boxes have been established west of the Mississippi. No one has done more to benefit barn owl populations in the west. Our commitment is total. The old barns and silos continue to fade from our environment, but we continue to find creative ways to support the barn owl.

Today, the barn owl pellet business is a virtual industry. Owl pellets are hot. It is a fun lab, an unforgettable lab, and the diverse educational opportunities provided by the pellet make it an educator’s dream.




Bret K. Gaussoin


Here are some examples of old barns and landscapes in northern Washington where our owl pellets are collected.

Old Barn where owl pellets are found.


Old barn in Washington where owl pellets are found.  

Old, abandoned barn where owl pellets are collected in northern Washington.