Complete Poster Set - Laminated


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Same as 17A with an added feature- all posters in this set are laminated.

All 8 posters at a reduced rate - bone sorting chart, food web, vole skeleton, bird skeleton, mole skeleton, shrew skeleton, human / vole, pellet formation.

(Note- Items 6, 7, & 8 are included in the Classroom Owl Pellet Kit)

  • Item #6 Bone Sorting Chart Poster 
  • Item #7 Food Web Poster 
  • Item #8 Vole Skeleton Poster 
  • Item #9 Bird Skeleton Poster 
  • Item #10 Mole Skeleton Poster 
  • Item #11 Shrew Skeleton Poster 
  • Item #16 Human / Vole Poster 
  • Item #17 Pellet Formation Poster