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Mystery of the Far Flung Fossils

by Pellets, Inc.
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Investigating Plate Tectonics

Guided activities in which students:

  • Take simulated trips to collect geological and biological evidence from five continents.
  • Analyze data from three time periods, the patterns of ancient glacial grooves, convergently evolved anteaters.
  • Reconstruct the separation of the continents of Gondwanaland.

The Plate Tectonics Kit includes:

  • Eight posters of five continents of Gondwanaland: Africa, India, South America, Australia, and Antarctica. Continents must be cut out of the posters and can be either laminated or mounted.
  • Maps color-coded to four time periods (300, 200, 100 million years ago, and the present). The guide describes how to develop activities based on the arrival times of various seismic waves.
  • Fossils, glacial grooves, and living anteaters and worms pictured on the maps.
  • 20-page teacher’s guide with a complete reproducible student study guide.

Recommended for Grades 6-12.

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