Seismograms - And Teachers Guide For Studies Of The Alaskan Earthquake Of 1964


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Guided activities in which students:

  • Read a seismogram.
  • Convert times between time zones.
  • Locate points by latitude and longitude.
  • Determine arrival times of various earthquakes and their wave types.
  • Determine the distance to an earthquake using a travel-time curve.
  • Determine the location of an epicenter using the three-circle method.
  • Determine the velocities of P and S waves and relate these speeds to the kinds of rocks these waves passed through within the earth.

Secondary Seismogram Kit Includes:

  • 12 exact size photographic copies of seismograms showing the 48-hour period of the 1964 Alaskan earthquake and aftershocks.
  • A 40-page teacher’s guide that provides detailed information on interpreting the seismograms. The guide describes how to develop activities based on the arrival times of various seismic waves.
  • Maps, tables, and charts, which may be copied. Material is suitable for developing two to 20 hours of science labs, and is ideal for supplementary and individualized study.

Recommended for Secondary Grades.